Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 on the 10th - October

It's that time again. I've written a lot about the Kickstart class I finished at Online card classes. Jennifer McGuire discussed putting all new purchases in  a basket or some place that will help "kickstart" the creativity. I did that and I realized I am good consumer or should I say collector.

So for my 10 on the 10th -  it's 10 stamps/sets I've purchased but have not used yet.

Chillax - Taylored Expressions
Say what you mean - Dylusions

Creative Vision
Creative Vision
Creative Vision

Birthday - Words to the rescue
Bee Quotes - Stamp Camp
You said it - Doodlebug/Hampton Arts

Memory Box - Ticket ( I also bought the matching die!)

Needless to say I CANNOT buy any stamps until I use at least 8 of these. Some of the stamps were on sale, or I used a coupon. Did I mention my order from Simon Says Stamps comes this week!! Yes, to use my own words - I am a hot mess!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy World Card Making Day!

I actually participated!! I know one other person who is also celebrating it today. I have only 2 friends who make cards. Every year I think about participating in some way, but never do it. I actually took pictures the same day! Yes - I really need to work on my photography - and lighting. I enjoy making Halloween  cards so I decided to make some for my friends' kids. My niece and nephew are adults now. Oh - they still get cards, just not with glittered ghosts! I ran the die cuts ghost through the Xyron for adhesive for the glitter. Glitter paper dulls my cricut blades.

The second card was a Faux Layering Challenge from Stamp TV, using a single layer card. I had to find my eclipse tape to make a mask. I had almost forgotten how to make a mask. First I die cut the circle out of scrap paper. Stamp TV has a video for making a mask. Then I made the mask for the grass. You stamp on the Eclipse Tape, then cut around the stamped image. I only cut out the grass part of the image for the green. It was fun!  This why it's a good idea to make a list of techniques. That's also on my list to do. I used distress inks and the blending tool to color the sky and grass.

Tip of the Day

When you use eclipse or another masking medium - keep the mask with the rubber stamp. The tape is reusable. It will be here when you want to mask the next time.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Roundup September

Faneuil Hall in Boston
I can't believe it's October! The first quarter at school ends next week.

What reading/learning did I do this month? (books, blogs, magazines, ebooks, podcasts, classes, etc.)
I didn't read an actual book! I listened to An Object of Beauty by,  Steve Martin on a playaway. Two of the  podcasts I listen to Paper Clipping Roundtable, and the Digi Show have really been really interesting and entertaining.  I will never be a Digital Scrapbooker. and I still get a lot from the podcast. I also took tee Kickstart class from Online card classes. If  you are a card maker -it's my favorite site for classes. Tons of content and the instructors have different styles.

What entertainment did I watch/listen to this month? (movies, tv shows, plays, music, concerts, etc.)
Im excited my favorite TV show are back for a new season. My top three at the moment are Castle, Modern Family, and The Big Bang Theory. Yes I need to laugh at the end of the day. I'm still recording the Chew everyday.

What were my accomplishments this month?
I'm not sure it was an accomplishment but I went to Boston to attend a training for work. School Districts hardly ever send their employees anywhere father than 100 miles - so it was exciting. I went with a colleague/friend who was adventurous and wanted to eat at local restaurants and take the T.

What were my disappointments this month?
My ankle is still sore - well sore again! I realized the shoes I had worn all over Boston made both ankles sore! Now I'm wearing boring shoes that offer a lot of support. Let's be clear, I wear Birkenstocks all summer - colorful one's! My house is still for sale - no offers.

How did I do on my goals for the month? 
I actually had 5 blog posts in September. My goal was 6- so close! I finished a Disney scrapbook that a  friend "hired" me to make. It took a year - although I  made most of the pages this summer. It was stressful. I'm not sure if I would do it again. And the Disney papers she bought - I'm not sure who designed them but it couldn't have been a scrapbooker!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm off and crawling

I tried to make this card using scraps a couple of months ago - if the ice cream cones weren't a clue! It just wasn't working. So after taking the Kickstart class, I thought I would try to finish the card. I am slowly learning to mix patterns. I couldn't figure out what sentiment to use and where to place it one the card.  I thought about some of the techniques the instructors, Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner, used in the class. I embossed the sentiment with white embossing powder, like Jennifer. I always worry about embossing after the card is almost done. I took the risk and it worked out. I used the white gel pen around the card stock circles - Kristina's technique. Although this card is busy, it makes me smile. I even put string through the buttons. It's the little touches that help finish the card. This is the 5th blog post for September! So my goals for October - craft during the week, reorganize clear stamps and thin dies, and more purging!

Tip of the Day
When needing some inspiration - revisit past classes. I watched videos from another class I took from online card classes - Clean and Simple Cards. Now I have several ideas for Christmas gifts.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

How's that working for you?

I'm in a new class from Online Card Classes, Kickstart. Their classes offer a lot of content. This one has 2 videos each class. This one is my favorite so far. It's about kick starting your creativity which has included tips about organizing your ideas and inspiration and our space. After the interactive class, classes are available as self paced classes. I've been rethinking my organization - again! What is working - my storage/organization of wood mount and cling mount stamps, 8 1/2 by 11 card stock, and ink pads. My clear stamps are organized but it's not working. When I arranged them in clear CD cases I took them off the plastic. So - what do I do now? I'm also thinking about how my space is arranged. It's time for some rearranging!

 I bought this shelf at a local stamp stores garage sale. I like looking at some of my favorite stamps, and it helps inspire me when I'm in a rut.

Tip of the Day

Most rules are universal - we all have heard - if you haven't worn a price if clothing in a year get rid of it! I think for craft supplies it's longer. But what about the stamps, embellishments, and paper you have never used - not once after a year? To quote one of the only 'N Sync song I know, " Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye"!!!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Big Idea

I recently participated in the Big Idea Festival at Big Picture Classes. By participate I should clarify, I read the big idea of the day and watched the video. The first day Stacey Julien talked about making and sending cards. She used elements from a certain company. I realized I needed to revisit something I did a while back - write a note to a student once a week. The card did not have to be elaborate. I decided to make 4 bar cards, which are are smaller than A2. Why - 4 bar - well my mom had envelopes left over and of course I said I could use them! I used stamps I bought at a Garage sale. Now I did I link the card to the class - well no. Procrastination -1 - Edie 0! This was a free class which is a good way to get introduced to some different crafters.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Things September

10 Things I forget about school over the summer

The later I leave for the work in the morning, the amount of school buses on the road seem to quadruple.

Students reading skills decline over the summer when they don't read.

My listening skills decline over the summer when I'm not listening to someone for 30 minutes.

The energy 5 year old children have is insane!

The first week of school is harder on Kindergarten parents than the kindergartner.

Walking in the hall is a skill.

Five year olds can still twirl, cartwheel and hop to a destination.

NO ONE likes the first day of school.

Former students will come back to school with their own children.

Former students will be employed at school.

Kids under 7 have enthusiasm for life that is boundless.

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Sunday, September 9, 2012

Round up August

I picked 5 questions to answer for August.

What reading/learning did I do this month? (books, blogs, magazines, ebooks, podcasts, classes, etc.) 

First - a story about my podcasts. I was making copies at the administrative center. I had my iPod on and was listening to the Paper Clipping Roundtable. The superintendent (BIG BOSS) asked what I was listening to. I told him I was listening to a podcast about scrapbooking.  He said that would be as boring as watching paint dry!!!! Then  he said  I needed a hobby - like golf! GOLF more exciting than listening to Noell and Izzy - AHHHHH! I did not say anything that would have gotten me fired! Now if you love golf that's great - but I have tried it. My father loved golf - so yes I had to take some group golf lessons one summer. It's not for me.

I also read the book Whitewater Walking Club. A nice easy read. I finally went to my local library and checked out a playaway. Its an audio recording of a  book in it's own device. You supply your own head phones.  It's helping me with the lovely low impact stationary bike!

What fun things did I do with my family and/or friends?

Went to visit a friend  I've  known  since first grade. I had a great time - shopping, eating, and lots of talking. She owns her own business, sew baby. I told new I wanted a sewing machine. She suggested one which was less expensive than the one I had investigated. I ordered it yesterday!

What special or unusual purchases did I make?

I went to the Rubber stamp convention and I did my part to help the economy. The best part for me is watching the demonstrations and talking to the presenters at the booth. They show you those little tips and tricks that you do not translate well in a magazine or blogpost. During my visit to my friend we went shopping, I bought 2 coats! I can spend hundreds of dollars on crafts but I have to force myself to buy clothes. I also bought clothes to start the school year.

My friend had some Containers for cricut cartridges. I found a similar one at Michael's - it's their brand Recollections.  Now to transfer all the cartridges to the containers. My not so fun purchase was a new hot water heater.

What illnesses or health concerns did I have?

I'm still working on strengthening ankle.  I  started using  the program My fitness pal to track my eating and exercise. It is a little time consuming at first to enter all your foods, but then it gets easier. My menu doesn't change that much.

Anything else noteworthy to include?
School started!  I was ready to go back to work.  The school year started out well.

Today's Tip
Cricut cartridge books - tear out the foreign language pages. It saves space. I've started tearing them out when I use the cartridge. Make sure you check both sides. I almost ripped out a page I needed! I read this somewhere but have no idea where I lifted it from.

Hopefully I will have more blogposts than a round up and 10 on the 10th for September.  My goal is 6! Five to go!!!

Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roundup June and July

I thought I would try a round up that Katie the Scrapbook Lady talks about for June and July. She is a co-host for the Digi Show Podcast. I'm not a digi scrapbooker - and never will be. Most of their topics apply to paper scrapbookers.  May is the  end of the  school  which s a big blur. I'm starting with Memorial Day. Yes, this has been on my iPad a while.

My summer goal was to read  10 books! I know - what was I thinking. Well I've read 7! I've read the 50 shades Trilogy. I'm not sure it's worth the hype. Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan. It's the sequel to Waiting to Exhale.  I really related to the characters in this book.  I've read both books when I'm at a similar age of the characters. The other 3 strictly beach reads. There’s been a lot of blog surfing due to Pinterest.

Went to one movie - Magic Mike - great eye candy. I saw  the musical Dream girls at the muni - amazing. Jennifer Holliday played Effie. I watch a lot of TV in the summer. My summer series include Drop Dead Diva, Bunheads and Longmire. I also have enjoyed daytime TV. that are reruns, but new to me which include The Nate Berkus Show, the View, and Judge Mathis.  I started watching judge Mathis because his show is between the View and the Chew. I love the Chew. I record it during the school year. I love the way the Judge talks to people. There is also a local show I started watching when the View's hot topics are to intense. They have 4 co-hosts  that just crack me up. One co-host does a Pinterest craft occasionally.

 Fun things with family and friends
Memorial day weekend I attended a good friend's wedding. My Mom and I decorate over  25 graves at 3 cemeteries that weekend. One cemetery is military so it is organized. The other one is not so easy to navigate. I somehow manage to find the section but it's never easy. We buy the flowers after Memorial day when they are marked clearance, and store them until the following year.

I went to Florida for a week. It was very relaxing. I  saw Winter the dolphin in A Dolphin's tale, at the Clearwater aquarium. It was my 3rd time at my friend's time share. It is definitely the way to start my summer break. Raspberry vodka and lemonade help too! I also attended a family reunion with my mother, brothers and their families.  I met a cousin who lives 20 minutes away from me. The reunion was in Springfield Illinois and  included a visit to the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library. Everyone needs to visit the museum. I need to go back when I have more time.

My Birthday is in July so one highlight is having dinner with my friends.  We went to one if my favorite local restaurant - lots of laughs, the best Ahi tuna, and bottles of Polka Dot Reselling. My birthday dessert - creme brûlée ! We had a private dining room so all our laughter did not disturb other diners. Going to dreams girl was a gift from a friend. I also received a magazine subscription to Craft Stamper. It's from the UK. Cash and gift cards  are always appreciated. I gave a friend a cropadile for her birthday. She has  started making banners with her Cricut. I think everyone should own a cropadile.

Well my ankle was getting better after I tore ligaments in March. I had physical therapy for a couple of weeks.  I got a little to energetic and over did it. Now I have to do low impact exercises for a while. – NO ZUMBA.

My house is still for sale. NO ZUMBA

I always make a summer list. I've done some things.  The yard work has not happened thanks to the lovely heat wave in the Midwest. The weeds are still growing even though the grass is dead! I started my Christmas cards.

Hopefully I will be more timely with August. I love having summers off - but it is very unstructured. It's very easy to procrastinate or just blow things off - like organizing my drawers! I made some cards.  I took a class, Stretch your Stamps from Online card classes.  I never uploaded them to the class gallery. So that's June and July. Katie"s questions did make me think about the month(s), and what I did or didn't do!

This card used a collage stamp. I really need to work on my photography.

Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Things - August

Yes - I've been absent here for a while. So for this month -

10 Things  I love about this Summer - In no particular order but 1, 2, &10 are my top Three!

1. Sleeping in
The one big perk for being in education. For me - that means staying in bed until 8 am.

2. Hanging out with my people
I have met my friends almost weekly for breakfast. My local Panara may not thinks it so great, but I do! Having fun it is not a quiet thing. I have had 3 scrapbook/crafting dates with friends. My friends help keep me on track. I tend to get distracted!

3. The beach
Florida for a week. The biggest decisions - what swimsuit do I wear? Is it 11:00 somewhere?

4. Staying up late watching TV

5. Staying in my Pj's until??

6. Losing track of the days of the week

7. Reading until the book or should I say Trilogy is finished!

8. Summer TV series
I've started watching Longmire  and Bunheads.   

9. Wasting a lot of time playing games on line- Words with Friends, Bejeweled Blitz and Mahjong

10. More time with Family
I attended a family reunion - my Mother's paternal side. It's every other year with 4 branches of the family. My Mom, brothers and their families were also there. I always meet new cousins and have a great time. We visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois. There is so much to see.

So I've been doing all these things and no blogging!

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Stamping through the pain

I actually made this mother's day card last week! I am still a procrastinator! I tore ligaments in my heel - still not sure how. I wore a boot a.k.a. Frankenstein foot! I had lots of time to craft! The boot was more painful and uncomfortable than the injury. I love this stamp but I hardly ever use it. I recently reorganized my un-mounted rubber stamps. They are now closer to my work table.

I did make some cards for my mom as part of her gift. I'll show those soon. I need to work on my photography. That's on the summer "to do" list!
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Sunday, April 22, 2012

My Banner Business

My craft space is in my unfinished basement. It allows me to be messy, and not ruin the finish on anymore furniture. Yes, I've done that! I have a lot of stuff. A couple of weeks a go, it was time for my yearly termite inspection.

The man asked if I had a small business! It is time to downsize.
Back to crafting - I have been working on some banners. This one is for a first birthday. I couldn't find patterned paper I liked for the cupcake icing. I decided to emboss the top with my cuttlebug for some interest.

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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

10 Things - April

For Lent I gave up spending money on anything not necessary. I allowed my self to buy an outfit for scholarship dinner. So I had to use supplies on hand. I should add that my basement looks a small craft store. So for my first 10 Things, I picked the the 10 craft products/items I use the most. There's no particular order.

Cricut expression - I use it all the time. I started with the small cricut then upgraded.

Cuttlebug - I use it with embossing folders and metal dies.

Stampin up card stock - It's smooth great for stamping and you can't see through it when you stamp on the other side after a mistake.

Stamps- wood mounted, cling, acrylic - I collect them all!

6X6 paper pads - They are great for people like me who have a hard time with patterned paper. There a whole lot easier than using a large background stamp

Cropadile - the key is having it accessible. It even works on adding a hole to a leather sandal! I've been using mine to punch holes in banners.

Background noise- iPod dock /radio and TV. I need something in the background when I craft.

Xyron Create a Sticker -It's great for all those small die cuts.

Ink- You cant just have one type, but I use dye based 90% of the time.

Markers - I have several brands.

When I first started stamping I had a Versamark pad Stampin up pastels and paper-that was it!

This card uses a stamp, ink, marker, patterned paper, Stampin Up white card stock, and my Cricut. Happy Birthday was one stamp and I colored it each word separately with marker to stamp. I used 6 of the items on my list!!!

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Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome April

A month has gone by and only one post. One of my project 2012 goals was to post once a week.
My first quarter excuses:

January - I was focused on my Mom's party.

February - I recovered from my Mom's party! I was actually sick and missed a couple days of work.

Which brings me to March

My house has been for sale for almost a year with no offers. It really is a cute starter or start over home. The last person who looked at it said he didn't like the kitchen - and I told my realtor neither do I! She suggested I paint the kitchen cabinets because they were blue. So I painted them white which really helped. Then I looked at my lovely fake wood peel and stick tiles. I told a friend I wanted to replace them. She said she could help me lay ceramic tile. She and her wonderful husband gave up a weekend to tile. I had decided to add cabinets above the refrigerator and stove so I could attach a microwave. Th My kitchen is only 8 by 12 with 3 doorways, so getting rid of the microwave cart helped. I really love my kitchen now!
the new cabinets and microwave
the shelves are new too

The Craft Scrubbie does get off latex paint really well!

I hope to do some serious crafting in April along with some yard work.

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Sunday, March 11, 2012

No more multitasking

My goal was to start listing 10 on the 10th of each month like Shimelle. Well, I would first have to know it's the 10th of the month! So I am now aiming for April! I mentioned the Craft Scrubbie a few months ago. Yes - it works on latex paint! I have been sprucing up my kitchen. I painted the kitchen cabinets white - next is the floor. Not much stamping going on these days. The older I get the less I can multitask, although that may not be a bad thing. I did make a birthday card for my Uncle. I think I've used this stamp on every card I've made for a man this past year.

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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Goodbye February- welcome March!

I know February is a short month, but it's a blur! I was focused on my Mom's birthday party in January. I was sick half of February. Didn't craft much. So I'm looking forward to March. I decided to give up unnecessary shopping for Lent! I even went to Archivers and bought only eat I needed for project.

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Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The Party's Over

My mom's 80th Birthday party was a huge success.  The decorations looked nice. How did I ever plan a party without Pinterest.The ideas are endless.This rosette is actually 13 inches in diameter. I cut the paper 4 inch wide strips and scored them. Then I put them together.

Here are some things that worked  well. 

Once I chose a color palette, I picked a paper line, Echo Park Victorian Garden. Everything coordinated. My friend, who is a patterned paper wizard was very helpful. It made it easier to add other paper. I am somewhat patterned paper impaired. After making the first 80 paper flowers, I realized I could add the stem to the last layer. The flowers are from the Cricut cartridge Flower Shoppe. The stems are are from the craft department at Walmart. The centers for the flowers I found in the cake decorating department at Michael's. I used  foam tape between each layer. For the banner, I cut 5 1/2 inch scalloped circles. The letters were 4 inches high.
Guest book 
I used a calendar as the guest book - Pinterest. It was something I had never seen at an event. My mom now has a record of her friends birthdays.

Photographing the event
Assign a person to be the photographer. You can buy a memory card for the person if they're using their own camera. When the event is over, you have all the photos. My brother uploaded the photos onto his lap top before he left town. The down side - I don't have many photos yet. 

Friday, January 6, 2012


This past week has been tough! It was hard to get back on track after Christmas break. Right now, I'm taking the Cathy Zilske class at Big picture, move more eat well. I watched the first video. So that's a start right? I've already changed my word for one little word. It was fun. It is now celebrate. I want to celebrate the little events. Working on my mom's birthday, made me realize that life is to be embraced and enjoyed. It almost makes me want to do project life or a project 360.- ALMOST! I also signed up a for a a declutter calendar . There's more- I signed up for Jennifer McGuire's new class through her blog.This is my third class. This might be a lightbulb moment - doing assignments for her class are fun. It's not homework. Hmmmm. Not sure what that says about some of the other classes I've taken. I'm still making flowers for Mom's birthday party. Hopefully I will have pictures soon. I know - I'm a hot mess!

Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

I'm one of those people who makes goals every year. Last I took Ali Edward's One Little Word Class. My word was balance. I didn't follow through with the class. Although, I did work at balancing the different areas of my life. I've thought about my about my word for this year. It is FUN. I'm president of an organization that takes up a lot of time and energy. It's been easier to skip some social events to avoid people asking me a lot of questions about our never ending contract negotiations.  My term ends in June. Hopefully it will be easier then, but I have become a homebody!

My goals for 2012

De clutter - organize the basement. It's where all those bargains go to die! The key is keeping up with it once it's finished. My office at work is next. There is too much stuff for a small space.

Have more fun! Dinner, coffee, and movies with friends- Leaving my house!!!

Blog more - Link to the galleries of the online classes I keep taking!!! I just signed up for two.

Scrapbook my life. I have done albums for others and mine has been neglected.

Lower blood pressure - get off medication. Which is just another way of saying lose weight and exercise more.

 This card was for my brother's 50th birthday. I really had fun making this card. I like using photographs for family and close friends.
Jr Turns 50!

I used my Cricut on one third of the cards I make. The ribbon behind the airplane says "over the hill".  The letters on the houses spell Jr. He's probably 8 years old in the photograph.

My brothers and I are planning an 80th Birthday Party for my mom at the end of January. I will hopefully be posting pics of the the decorations.