Friday, August 10, 2012

10 Things - August

Yes - I've been absent here for a while. So for this month -

10 Things  I love about this Summer - In no particular order but 1, 2, &10 are my top Three!

1. Sleeping in
The one big perk for being in education. For me - that means staying in bed until 8 am.

2. Hanging out with my people
I have met my friends almost weekly for breakfast. My local Panara may not thinks it so great, but I do! Having fun it is not a quiet thing. I have had 3 scrapbook/crafting dates with friends. My friends help keep me on track. I tend to get distracted!

3. The beach
Florida for a week. The biggest decisions - what swimsuit do I wear? Is it 11:00 somewhere?

4. Staying up late watching TV

5. Staying in my Pj's until??

6. Losing track of the days of the week

7. Reading until the book or should I say Trilogy is finished!

8. Summer TV series
I've started watching Longmire  and Bunheads.   

9. Wasting a lot of time playing games on line- Words with Friends, Bejeweled Blitz and Mahjong

10. More time with Family
I attended a family reunion - my Mother's paternal side. It's every other year with 4 branches of the family. My Mom, brothers and their families were also there. I always meet new cousins and have a great time. We visited the Abraham Lincoln Presidential Museum in Springfield, Illinois. There is so much to see.

So I've been doing all these things and no blogging!

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