Sunday, January 1, 2012

Welcome 2012

I'm one of those people who makes goals every year. Last I took Ali Edward's One Little Word Class. My word was balance. I didn't follow through with the class. Although, I did work at balancing the different areas of my life. I've thought about my about my word for this year. It is FUN. I'm president of an organization that takes up a lot of time and energy. It's been easier to skip some social events to avoid people asking me a lot of questions about our never ending contract negotiations.  My term ends in June. Hopefully it will be easier then, but I have become a homebody!

My goals for 2012

De clutter - organize the basement. It's where all those bargains go to die! The key is keeping up with it once it's finished. My office at work is next. There is too much stuff for a small space.

Have more fun! Dinner, coffee, and movies with friends- Leaving my house!!!

Blog more - Link to the galleries of the online classes I keep taking!!! I just signed up for two.

Scrapbook my life. I have done albums for others and mine has been neglected.

Lower blood pressure - get off medication. Which is just another way of saying lose weight and exercise more.

 This card was for my brother's 50th birthday. I really had fun making this card. I like using photographs for family and close friends.
Jr Turns 50!

I used my Cricut on one third of the cards I make. The ribbon behind the airplane says "over the hill".  The letters on the houses spell Jr. He's probably 8 years old in the photograph.

My brothers and I are planning an 80th Birthday Party for my mom at the end of January. I will hopefully be posting pics of the the decorations. 

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