Wednesday, October 10, 2012

10 on the 10th - October

It's that time again. I've written a lot about the Kickstart class I finished at Online card classes. Jennifer McGuire discussed putting all new purchases in  a basket or some place that will help "kickstart" the creativity. I did that and I realized I am good consumer or should I say collector.

So for my 10 on the 10th -  it's 10 stamps/sets I've purchased but have not used yet.

Chillax - Taylored Expressions
Say what you mean - Dylusions

Creative Vision
Creative Vision
Creative Vision

Birthday - Words to the rescue
Bee Quotes - Stamp Camp
You said it - Doodlebug/Hampton Arts

Memory Box - Ticket ( I also bought the matching die!)

Needless to say I CANNOT buy any stamps until I use at least 8 of these. Some of the stamps were on sale, or I used a coupon. Did I mention my order from Simon Says Stamps comes this week!! Yes, to use my own words - I am a hot mess!

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Happy World Card Making Day!

I actually participated!! I know one other person who is also celebrating it today. I have only 2 friends who make cards. Every year I think about participating in some way, but never do it. I actually took pictures the same day! Yes - I really need to work on my photography - and lighting. I enjoy making Halloween  cards so I decided to make some for my friends' kids. My niece and nephew are adults now. Oh - they still get cards, just not with glittered ghosts! I ran the die cuts ghost through the Xyron for adhesive for the glitter. Glitter paper dulls my cricut blades.

The second card was a Faux Layering Challenge from Stamp TV, using a single layer card. I had to find my eclipse tape to make a mask. I had almost forgotten how to make a mask. First I die cut the circle out of scrap paper. Stamp TV has a video for making a mask. Then I made the mask for the grass. You stamp on the Eclipse Tape, then cut around the stamped image. I only cut out the grass part of the image for the green. It was fun!  This why it's a good idea to make a list of techniques. That's also on my list to do. I used distress inks and the blending tool to color the sky and grass.

Tip of the Day

When you use eclipse or another masking medium - keep the mask with the rubber stamp. The tape is reusable. It will be here when you want to mask the next time.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Roundup September

Faneuil Hall in Boston
I can't believe it's October! The first quarter at school ends next week.

What reading/learning did I do this month? (books, blogs, magazines, ebooks, podcasts, classes, etc.)
I didn't read an actual book! I listened to An Object of Beauty by,  Steve Martin on a playaway. Two of the  podcasts I listen to Paper Clipping Roundtable, and the Digi Show have really been really interesting and entertaining.  I will never be a Digital Scrapbooker. and I still get a lot from the podcast. I also took tee Kickstart class from Online card classes. If  you are a card maker -it's my favorite site for classes. Tons of content and the instructors have different styles.

What entertainment did I watch/listen to this month? (movies, tv shows, plays, music, concerts, etc.)
Im excited my favorite TV show are back for a new season. My top three at the moment are Castle, Modern Family, and The Big Bang Theory. Yes I need to laugh at the end of the day. I'm still recording the Chew everyday.

What were my accomplishments this month?
I'm not sure it was an accomplishment but I went to Boston to attend a training for work. School Districts hardly ever send their employees anywhere father than 100 miles - so it was exciting. I went with a colleague/friend who was adventurous and wanted to eat at local restaurants and take the T.

What were my disappointments this month?
My ankle is still sore - well sore again! I realized the shoes I had worn all over Boston made both ankles sore! Now I'm wearing boring shoes that offer a lot of support. Let's be clear, I wear Birkenstocks all summer - colorful one's! My house is still for sale - no offers.

How did I do on my goals for the month? 
I actually had 5 blog posts in September. My goal was 6- so close! I finished a Disney scrapbook that a  friend "hired" me to make. It took a year - although I  made most of the pages this summer. It was stressful. I'm not sure if I would do it again. And the Disney papers she bought - I'm not sure who designed them but it couldn't have been a scrapbooker!

Sunday, September 30, 2012

I'm off and crawling

I tried to make this card using scraps a couple of months ago - if the ice cream cones weren't a clue! It just wasn't working. So after taking the Kickstart class, I thought I would try to finish the card. I am slowly learning to mix patterns. I couldn't figure out what sentiment to use and where to place it one the card.  I thought about some of the techniques the instructors, Jennifer McGuire and Kristina Werner, used in the class. I embossed the sentiment with white embossing powder, like Jennifer. I always worry about embossing after the card is almost done. I took the risk and it worked out. I used the white gel pen around the card stock circles - Kristina's technique. Although this card is busy, it makes me smile. I even put string through the buttons. It's the little touches that help finish the card. This is the 5th blog post for September! So my goals for October - craft during the week, reorganize clear stamps and thin dies, and more purging!

Tip of the Day
When needing some inspiration - revisit past classes. I watched videos from another class I took from online card classes - Clean and Simple Cards. Now I have several ideas for Christmas gifts.

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Friday, September 28, 2012

How's that working for you?

I'm in a new class from Online Card Classes, Kickstart. Their classes offer a lot of content. This one has 2 videos each class. This one is my favorite so far. It's about kick starting your creativity which has included tips about organizing your ideas and inspiration and our space. After the interactive class, classes are available as self paced classes. I've been rethinking my organization - again! What is working - my storage/organization of wood mount and cling mount stamps, 8 1/2 by 11 card stock, and ink pads. My clear stamps are organized but it's not working. When I arranged them in clear CD cases I took them off the plastic. So - what do I do now? I'm also thinking about how my space is arranged. It's time for some rearranging!

 I bought this shelf at a local stamp stores garage sale. I like looking at some of my favorite stamps, and it helps inspire me when I'm in a rut.

Tip of the Day

Most rules are universal - we all have heard - if you haven't worn a price if clothing in a year get rid of it! I think for craft supplies it's longer. But what about the stamps, embellishments, and paper you have never used - not once after a year? To quote one of the only 'N Sync song I know, " Bye, bye, bye, bye, bye"!!!

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Thursday, September 27, 2012

My Big Idea

I recently participated in the Big Idea Festival at Big Picture Classes. By participate I should clarify, I read the big idea of the day and watched the video. The first day Stacey Julien talked about making and sending cards. She used elements from a certain company. I realized I needed to revisit something I did a while back - write a note to a student once a week. The card did not have to be elaborate. I decided to make 4 bar cards, which are are smaller than A2. Why - 4 bar - well my mom had envelopes left over and of course I said I could use them! I used stamps I bought at a Garage sale. Now I did I link the card to the class - well no. Procrastination -1 - Edie 0! This was a free class which is a good way to get introduced to some different crafters.

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Monday, September 10, 2012

10 Things September

10 Things I forget about school over the summer

The later I leave for the work in the morning, the amount of school buses on the road seem to quadruple.

Students reading skills decline over the summer when they don't read.

My listening skills decline over the summer when I'm not listening to someone for 30 minutes.

The energy 5 year old children have is insane!

The first week of school is harder on Kindergarten parents than the kindergartner.

Walking in the hall is a skill.

Five year olds can still twirl, cartwheel and hop to a destination.

NO ONE likes the first day of school.

Former students will come back to school with their own children.

Former students will be employed at school.

Kids under 7 have enthusiasm for life that is boundless.

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