Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Roundup June and July

I thought I would try a round up that Katie the Scrapbook Lady talks about for June and July. She is a co-host for the Digi Show Podcast. I'm not a digi scrapbooker - and never will be. Most of their topics apply to paper scrapbookers.  May is the  end of the  school  which s a big blur. I'm starting with Memorial Day. Yes, this has been on my iPad a while.

My summer goal was to read  10 books! I know - what was I thinking. Well I've read 7! I've read the 50 shades Trilogy. I'm not sure it's worth the hype. Getting to Happy by Terry McMillan. It's the sequel to Waiting to Exhale.  I really related to the characters in this book.  I've read both books when I'm at a similar age of the characters. The other 3 strictly beach reads. There’s been a lot of blog surfing due to Pinterest.

Went to one movie - Magic Mike - great eye candy. I saw  the musical Dream girls at the muni - amazing. Jennifer Holliday played Effie. I watch a lot of TV in the summer. My summer series include Drop Dead Diva, Bunheads and Longmire. I also have enjoyed daytime TV. that are reruns, but new to me which include The Nate Berkus Show, the View, and Judge Mathis.  I started watching judge Mathis because his show is between the View and the Chew. I love the Chew. I record it during the school year. I love the way the Judge talks to people. There is also a local show I started watching when the View's hot topics are to intense. They have 4 co-hosts  that just crack me up. One co-host does a Pinterest craft occasionally.

 Fun things with family and friends
Memorial day weekend I attended a good friend's wedding. My Mom and I decorate over  25 graves at 3 cemeteries that weekend. One cemetery is military so it is organized. The other one is not so easy to navigate. I somehow manage to find the section but it's never easy. We buy the flowers after Memorial day when they are marked clearance, and store them until the following year.

I went to Florida for a week. It was very relaxing. I  saw Winter the dolphin in A Dolphin's tale, at the Clearwater aquarium. It was my 3rd time at my friend's time share. It is definitely the way to start my summer break. Raspberry vodka and lemonade help too! I also attended a family reunion with my mother, brothers and their families.  I met a cousin who lives 20 minutes away from me. The reunion was in Springfield Illinois and  included a visit to the Lincoln Presidential Museum and Library. Everyone needs to visit the museum. I need to go back when I have more time.

My Birthday is in July so one highlight is having dinner with my friends.  We went to one if my favorite local restaurant - lots of laughs, the best Ahi tuna, and bottles of Polka Dot Reselling. My birthday dessert - creme brûlée ! We had a private dining room so all our laughter did not disturb other diners. Going to dreams girl was a gift from a friend. I also received a magazine subscription to Craft Stamper. It's from the UK. Cash and gift cards  are always appreciated. I gave a friend a cropadile for her birthday. She has  started making banners with her Cricut. I think everyone should own a cropadile.

Well my ankle was getting better after I tore ligaments in March. I had physical therapy for a couple of weeks.  I got a little to energetic and over did it. Now I have to do low impact exercises for a while. – NO ZUMBA.

My house is still for sale. NO ZUMBA

I always make a summer list. I've done some things.  The yard work has not happened thanks to the lovely heat wave in the Midwest. The weeds are still growing even though the grass is dead! I started my Christmas cards.

Hopefully I will be more timely with August. I love having summers off - but it is very unstructured. It's very easy to procrastinate or just blow things off - like organizing my drawers! I made some cards.  I took a class, Stretch your Stamps from Online card classes.  I never uploaded them to the class gallery. So that's June and July. Katie"s questions did make me think about the month(s), and what I did or didn't do!

This card used a collage stamp. I really need to work on my photography.