Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Look Mom - clean hands!

I have no idea what I was looking for when I stumbled upon this product. I am a messy crafter. I usually have ink on my fingers. Glue and spray adhesives are the worst. I've tried loofahs and dandruff shampoo. I know I heard that tip from a rubber stamp convention. And yes I tried it! It didn't work any better than regular soap. Well this Craft Scrubbie from Ranger works. I didn't have to scrub forever. Now it costs around $5, which might be a little pricey for some. For me, it was worth it to get the glue and paint off my hands quickly. Where was this Scrubbie when I painted my house!


Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Balancing Act

I've been having difficulty balancing crafting, blogging, and reading with the rest of me life! What's ironic is that Balance is my one little word for all those Ali Edwards followers. I finally read the Hunger Games. It's not one of those books you can put down. Hopefully my friend will finish book 3 and pass it on soon. So I have managed to do a little crafting while I'm waiting for the book. I'm taking 2 online classes right now. Inspiration Showcase through Jennifer McGuire, and Get Organized Challenge with Tiffany Spaulding. If I actually organize I will be sharing my progress with you.

This card uses one of the techniques in the Inspiration Showcase class. I don't even remember where or when I bought the acetate flower. In my embellishment storage there's actually a drawer dedicated to acetate and acrylic shapes.  I have definitely used this card design a lot. I need to challenge myself to use a different design.