Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Welcome April

A month has gone by and only one post. One of my project 2012 goals was to post once a week.
My first quarter excuses:

January - I was focused on my Mom's party.

February - I recovered from my Mom's party! I was actually sick and missed a couple days of work.

Which brings me to March

My house has been for sale for almost a year with no offers. It really is a cute starter or start over home. The last person who looked at it said he didn't like the kitchen - and I told my realtor neither do I! She suggested I paint the kitchen cabinets because they were blue. So I painted them white which really helped. Then I looked at my lovely fake wood peel and stick tiles. I told a friend I wanted to replace them. She said she could help me lay ceramic tile. She and her wonderful husband gave up a weekend to tile. I had decided to add cabinets above the refrigerator and stove so I could attach a microwave. Th My kitchen is only 8 by 12 with 3 doorways, so getting rid of the microwave cart helped. I really love my kitchen now!
the new cabinets and microwave
the shelves are new too

The Craft Scrubbie does get off latex paint really well!

I hope to do some serious crafting in April along with some yard work.

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