Thursday, August 4, 2011

Time to stock up

This is the time of year school supplies are on sale. For paper crafters two things I like to have on hand are glue sticks and composition books. Many brands of  glues sticks are acid free. Sometimes I am in a hurry and somehow manage not put the cap back on the glue. I've learned it's better to buy the small ones and have several on hand. Composition books are great to cover for a quick gift. Sometimes you can find the mini composition books that are also great to cover.

A couple of other items that you might find useful are pencil grips and a label maker. I have a friend with arthritis and she puts pencil grips on her colored pencils. I use my label maker everywhere! Organization makes crafting easier. Containers of all sizes are often on sale too! Let's face it you can alter almost any item to make it personal including - but not limited to  pens, pencils and  Post-it notes.

If you're planning on buying any big items. Check to see if your state or a nearby state has a tax free weekend. The more money you save the more money you have to spend on craft supplies!!!