Sunday, August 28, 2011

Finding time to Craft

I'm trying to change one limiting thought - I don't have time to craft during the week. If that holds true, the weekend is the only time to craft. I know I'm not the only one who uses the weekend to clean the house, do laundry, and get ready for the next week. Then, I'm too tired to craft. The big thing is I feel so much better when I craft, or even just spend time in my craft space. I am able to get lost in what I'm doing. I'm sure the people around me might benefit from my better mood. But it's really not about others. It's about taking time for yourself to do something that makes you happy. I'm sure the tips I'm going to offer are not new. I believe it's all about timing, when we receive the information can be almost as important as the information itself.

Timers are your friend

I set the timer when I pick up in the evening during the week. Fifteen minutes a day makes a huge difference. I also set the timer when I craft. Pick the amount of time that works for you 15 - 30 minutes is a good place to start. What can you accomplish in 15 to 30 minutes? Plenty!

Stamp images to color
Color an image
Stamp some of your favorite background images
Sort a stack of photos
Plan a scrapbook page
Select embellishments for a page
Put supplies back where they belong
Paint a background for an art journal page
Cut some die cuts
List topics for blog posts
Look at your calendar. What celebrations do you need cards for?

Part 2 of this tip is: have a designated place or container for the in progress projects. It can be a zip lock bag or file folder. It's all about finding a system that works for you to make your life easier.