Friday, August 12, 2011

Another Door Closes

One of the first rubber stamp stores I found in my area is closing. The owner has another business she is going to focus on. My local scrapbook store closed in the spring. A store 20 minutes away closed this summer. This economy is hurting my hobby and some very nice people. The latest store is one of those places where you feel happy when you enter. I happened to find the store when I read an article about their first anniversary. My friend and I went to the demonstrations that day. That trip started our field trips (regular craft shopping trips). I've also taken classes there. I understand that some items are cheaper online. Someone greeting you by name, and the service you get from a local store can't be replaced by an online store. I realize I need to spend more money at the few remaining local stores that are left, and less at the big box stores. I know the 40% coupons are so enticing!